Redemption procedure

Göteborgs Handelskompani issued these bonds in 1876. They were equivalent to present-day premium bonds. Handelskompani went bankrupt in 1879. The money was put into a fund for the redemption of outstanding bond loans.

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There are still 1,803 certificates that have not been redeemed. According to the most recent annual report as of 31-12-2016, the value of each certificate is SEK 110,007.


What do I do if I hold a certificate ?

A person who holds a share certificate should contact SEB Institutioner & Stiftelser by phone or by e-mail. What is required is a name, address and the number of an account into which payment can be made. After the bank has been contacted, send the certificate by registered post to

SEB Instítutioner & Stiftelser,

c/o Cecilia Sundberg
SE-405 04 Göteborg


An examination of the certificate will be made. On redemption, a preliminary amount will be paid. The final amount will be fixed at the beginning of the following month.


For further information, please contact:

Cecilia Sundberg, SEB Instítutioner & Stiftelser
Phone: +46 31 621866