We are looking for holders of share certificates in the "Railroad Lottery".
Redeem the certificate at a value of SEK 120,000 (october 2016)



Cash in your certificates!

Göteborgs Handelskompani issued these bonds in 1876. They were equivalent to present-day premium bonds. The money was put into a fund to redeem outstanding bond loans. There are still a number of certificates that have still not been redeemed. According to the most recent annual report as of 31-12-2016, the value of each certificate is SEK 110,007.


Redemption procedure

SEB Institutioner & Stiftelser manages the redemption of outstanding bonds. There are still 1,803 certificates that have not been redeemed. A person who holds a certificate should contact SEB Institutioner & Stiftelser by phone or by e-mail.

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Handelskompaniet was founded in 1871. As a financial institute, Göteborgs Handelskompani had the right to run and buy companies and trade in stocks and shares. The Chairman and dominant personality was Carl-Otto Franke.